Main English page of site, devoted to author's elite and exclusive expert system, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite and exclusive consulting services. And at the same time this intellectual system is primitive quasi-alive creature, first prototype of intellectual computer systems, described in books written by Vasily Golovachev. What You can find out at my site. Main Russian page of the same site, devoted to elite and exclusive author's computer program - Partnership System ZORAN, which is basing upon new conception of artificial intelligence. ZORAN is expert system of new generation, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite consulting services.

4. My resume and other documents (possibility to attract for work extra-class expert).

If You are interesting to understand, why I'm considering myself so wonderful specialist... I was occupied by science (information technologies, artificial intelligence, artificial reason (mind), artificial personality), afterwards - by practical realization of achieved theoretical results (automated working place ''Normalizator'', intellectual systems ''Analytic'', ''Business-Prognosis'' and Partnership System ZORAN), tested my elaborations by means of real calculating tasks, carried out marketing investigations, found out marketing focus (rendering of exclusive consulting services)... And at the same time I was getting practical experience of leading and organization work, occupying positions of scientific research director in commercial organization, member of government in public organization, rector in public university, president in public organization, director general in commercial organization. At present time I'm rendering exclusive consulting services. Thus, as You can see in represented documents, there are a few of experts only of so wide profile with so service records and so practical experience.
I think, everybody is able to understand that a roadway is not paved by extra-class experts, not at all, while high technologies are not carrot at a bad. It is impossible to grub up a lot of ones!

Thus, I placed in my site following information:

  1. My mini-resume; at first, I advice You to read this document.

  2. Short variant of my resume, which consists of mentioned below parts:

    1. Basic data.

    2. Work experience.

    3. Years of study.

    4. Scientific-practical activity.

    5. My professional experience.

    6. Commercial products, in creating of which I took direct part.

    7. How quickly I want to find out something new.

  3. Various scannered documents which are confirming represented in resume information.

P. S. Please, don't forget that You can use standard search forms which were placed in the main English page of my home site with ''artificial intelligence system'', ''artificial intelligence conception'', ''artificial intelligence, expert system'', ''exclusive consulting services'', ''artificial intelligence for exclusive consulting services'', ''expert system for exclusive consulting services'', ''conception of artificial reason'', ''conception of artificial personality'' inquiries to find necessary information in,,,,

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