Main English page of site, devoted to author's elite and exclusive expert system, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite and exclusive consulting services. And at the same time this intellectual system is primitive quasi-alive creature, first prototype of intellectual computer systems, described in books written by Vasily Golovachev. What You can find out at my site. Main Russian page of the same site, devoted to elite and exclusive author's computer program - Partnership System ZORAN, which is basing upon new conception of artificial intelligence. ZORAN is expert system of new generation, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite consulting services.

3. Practical information.

     If You are looking for new practical possibilities. Very well! I'm greeting Your aspirations. If You already got acquainted with theoretical part, then, without of any doubts, You asked Yourself: "All represented is wonderful, but what about practical realization, what about real practical results, what about customers, and how can I use (in a limited way, at least) described new technologies for my own real problems processing?". I'm replying to these questions during moreover than ten last years. Getting acquaintance with represented in my site information, You'll see, that described theory is realized in the way of computer program Partnership System ZORAN with great efficiency, that very interesting practical results were received, that there were customers also, and that from 2003 year You have limited but free possibility to use new techology independently (many parts are translated into English already, including educational examples, but excluding interface of Partnership System ZORAN limited version). Besides all mentioned above:

  1.      You'll know about the thing, that processing Your problems by means of Partnership System ZORAN You have much more possibilities in using of different data, in comparison with any other computer program. As a matter of fact, You can put into Partnership System ZORAN real "mixture" of quite heterogeneous data (but these data You ought to distribute in various documents correctly). For all that You are to define independently structure of input data, semantics and pragmatics of these ones additionally - because Partnership System ZORAN is representing itself, besides all other, universal tool for processing of great number of calculation and analytic problems from any sphere of economics, from any segment of market.

  2.      You'll note, that, after data input and allowing from user side a processing action to proceed, reengineering Partnership System ZORAN will find out independently all concrete, fuzzy, incomplete, indefinite, dependent, multivariant, paradoxical, distributed and nonevident data in a problem which is to process, sort these data, verify information for mistakes presence, independently create united calculation formula, make all necessary calculations and take out generalized information into PC display or into graphics devices. Besides all mentioned just above, this reengineering Partnership System ZORAN will help to find out critical points in business-plans and and work out measures to remove these points. All named here data types are described in detail in theoretical part of this site. Of course, some things are not so easy, and something, for all that, one is forcing to do manually.

  3.      A number of examples for problems processing, placed in my site, will give clear representation about used interface and also about some possibilities of Partnership System ZORAN. All examples are in English language. I realized this ones in first variant in 2000-2001. During mentioned time, I negotiated with several so named "partners", who demanded from me to do many things free absolutely.

  4.      You'll know how to work correctly with intellectual Partnership System ZORAN from methodical instructions. But right now these ones are in Russian language only.

  5.      I'm informing You about the thing that, in principle, limited version of Partnership System ZORAN is intended for free using. This version can process small business projects. You can get it also for FREE PERSONAL USING (but only ''as is'', for Your own fear and risk, without any guarantees, without any responsibility from my side, and without rights to render services on the basis of Partnership System ZORAN!!!).
         From 2003 year limited version of Partnership System ZORAN with Russian-based interface is accessible from my site. You can load it and use according to new license agreement.

  6.      Educational examples data base for economic problems representation and processing will show You real possibilities of Partnership System ZORAN.

  7.      May be, even, limited English-based internet-version of Partnership System ZORAN will process Your data correctly.

  8.      I want to inform You also about the fact, at last, that the process of creating and developing of Partnership System ZORAN can be divided into six stages.
    •      1993-1995 years. Creating and testing of MODEL of Partnership System ZORAN.
    •      1996-1998 years. Creating and testing of non-commercial version of Partnership System ZORAN.
    •      1998-2002 years. Carrying out marketing investigations to find possibilities (marketing focus) for Partnership System ZORAN distribution.
    •      2001 year - till present time. Rendering of exclusive consulting services in accordance with found marketing focus.
    •      2001-2002 years. Designing of educational examples data base in accordance with found marketing focus.
    •      2002-2005 years. Creating and designing of my ''home'' site in accordance with found marketing focus.

     In general, I'll be very glad, if You can simply say to me ''Thank You'', at least, for my of long standing, selfless and heroic work.

P. S. Please, don't forget that You can use standard search forms which were placed in the main English page of my home site with ''artificial intelligence system'', ''artificial intelligence conception'', ''artificial intelligence, expert system'', ''exclusive consulting services'', ''artificial intelligence for exclusive consulting services'', ''expert system for exclusive consulting services'', ''conception of artificial reason'', ''conception of artificial personality'' inquiries to find necessary information in,,,,

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